14 Jan 2010

Golf Cart LED Kit

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The PlasmaGlow Golf Cart LED Kit utilizes the latest in 120 degree Wide Angle LED Technology for eye-catching features.

There are 2 versions of the PlasmaGlow Golf Cart Kit. The Single-Color version gives you a classic underglow that is solid on or off. The Color-Changing version has 15 digital effect modes and changes between 2.1 Million colors. The digital effects of the color-changing version are solid, scanning, strobe, pulse with music, and more! It includes an LCD Touch Controller to change the color-and mode with a tap of your finger.

Both kits are universal to fit all golf carts and include 4 LED Tubes, and all installation hardware.

The color-changing version can also be upgraded to control wirelessly from up to 500ft away with the following product: http://www.plasmaglow.com/wireless-upgrade-for-underbody-kits/

Optional accessories include a Wireless Upgrade to control your kit from up to 500ft away, a Color-Changing Wheel Well Kit, Interior Tubes, and a Color-Changing Door Handle Kit.

-1 Year Warranty.
-Lifetime Warranty for Color-Changing Kit.

$149.95 – Single Color- FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE
$249.95 – Color-Changing – FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE


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