PlasmaGlow News

7/9/2013 – Andy’s Auto Sport and PlasmaGlow Team up to market PlasmaGlow LED Truck Bars

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6/25/2012 – PlasmaGlow sponsored car competes in the Cadillac Challenge Race Series

9/20/2010 – PlasmaGlow Goes 100% Solar

PlasmaGlow is proud to announce that we just completed a $200,000 Solar Conversion. With over 500 Solar Panels, our corporate headquarters in GIlbert, AZ now operates on 100% Solar Power.

9/16/2010 – New PlasmaGlow Catalog in Japanese

The Japanese version of our 2010 PlasmaGlow Catalog is now available. To better serve the marketing efforts of our International Customers, we offer specialized catalogs, packaging, and flyers to our Non-English speaking Dealers and Distributors to help increase their sales.


8/23/2010 – New PlasmaGlow FlashWave LED Strobe Kit

The FlashWave LED Strobe Kit brings ambulance-power strobes to your vehicle in a compact package and utilize the brightness and intensity of LED Lights. The LED Strobe Panels draw minimal power, do not heat up, and are guaranteed to last forever
FlashWave LED Strobe Kit

8/16/2010 – New PlasmaGlow ThunderGrille Kit

The PlasmaGlow ThunderGrille LED Kit will give your grill the custom look it needs to stand out from the crowd. The ultra-thin LED Strips mount in any grille with the included mounting hardware. You can wire it in with the included switch, or into your running lights so it turns on with your vehicle. It is a simple 2-wire hookup that anyone can do with the detailed instructions in the box.

The included strips are each 10 inches (25cm) long, flexible, and 100% waterproof. Everything you need is in the box (LED Strips, several mounting methods, wiring and switch).

There are 2 kits available. For smaller grilles on cars or small trucks, there is a 2-Piece Version. For trucks and larger vehicles, there is a 4-Piece Version.

Available in multiple colors – Lifetime Warranty

LED ThunderGrille Kit

6/9/2010 – New PlasmaGlow Lighting Eyes LED Headlight Kit

PlasmaGlow Lightning Eyes are the hottest way to give your vehicle the unique look you are after. This slim flexible strip is specifically designed to bring the popular new style of LED running lights found on high-end Audi vehicles to your car. These unique LED Strips shine at an angle 90 degrees off the surface, so they can be mounted in thin places and the light will show out the side.

When mounted under your headlight, this thin flexible strip is invisible while it is turned off, but features extremely bright LEDs when your vehicle is on. The 19 inch strips can be cut to length to fit any headlight housing perfectly. They are simply mounted with super thin 3M adhesive and can also be used on door panels and gauge clusters. At less than 1/16″ Thin, they can fit anywhere, and they fit all vehicles.

LED Lightning Eyes

5/15/2010 – PlasmaGlow Sponsored Race Car, driven by Scott Bintz, takes First Place at Jamestown Speedway.

5/5/2010 – New 5202 / H16 / 9009 LED Foglight Bulbs

For the ultimate upgrade for your foglight bulbs, PlasmaGlow LED Bulbs will give you high light output with the low power draw you expect from LEDs.

A series of high-power LEDs replace your stock bulbs, and because they are LED, you never have to worry about your bulbs burning out again. These Bulbs use 100,000 hour LEDs, so even if used all the time, they will outlast your vehicle and draw less power than your stock bulbs.

5202 LED Bulbs

4/22/2010 – New JetStream Wake Glow Kit

Be seen on the lake or at sea with the JetStream LED Wake Glow Kit! This kit lights up the water behind your boat or jet ski, and is guaranteed to attract all the attention on the lake. Our kit puts out brightness that you have to see to believe! These are high-performance Stainless Steel LED fixtures that make any watercraft the center of attention, and the universal design fits any boat.

JetStream LED Wake Glow Kit