Custom Products

PlasmaGlow has over 10 years of experience developing custom LED Lighting Solutions in the automotive and commercial industries, both for retail and OEM enterprises. We offer direct to consumer product solutions including custom mold design, customized packaging, specialized engineering and barcode logistics to your specifications.

We also offer OEM supplier solutions that include total product development from paper to finished product, testing and certification, custom fit mold designs; all with competitive pricing and lead times.

Our services are tailored to this time when world markets are merging to create a highly competitive marketplace where flawless design and quick turn around are crucial for success. Plasmaglow can deliver you the services you need to diversify your existing product line, add functionality to your existing supply or build a new solution for you from the ground up to ensure that you stay competitive in a global economy. Contact us Today and a representative of our custom solutions division will contact you to discuss how we can best fulfill your custom application.