17 Jan 2010

Color-Changing Control Box with Scrolling LED Display

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Our most advanced Control Box features smoother color changing, custom colors, speed adjustment, new improved modes, alarm system integration, a new Remote and an eye-catching Scrolling LED Display that displays your mode, speed, and color. The new Control Box is compatible with the 7-Color LED Under Car Kit, 2.1 Million Color LED Under Car Kit, and the 4.2 Million Color SuperNova LED Under Car kit.

You can also use it with our Color-Changing GloStix, Color-Changing Door Handle Kit, and Color-Changing Wheel Well Kit.
-1 Year Warranty

It is also upgradeable to Wireless for control up to 500ft away using the following wireless upgrade: http://www.plasmaglow.com/wireless-upgrade-for-underbody-kits/


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