24 Oct 2012

ThunderBolt Pro-Series LED Bulbs

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PlasmaGlow ThunderBolt Pro-Series LED Bulbs were specifically designed to be the best and brightest bulbs available. As part of the Pro-Series Line, only the highest quality components and materials are used.

ThunderBolt LED Bulbs light up over 50 times faster than a standard incandescent bulb, which make them the safest option in your car, truck, or motorcycle. They also draw less power while still being the brightest bulbs on the market. CANBUS Technology works in any vehicle.

PlasmaGlow LED Bulbs are the only bulbs on the market to be backed with a 10-Year No-Hassle Replacement Warranty.


Available in Part #’s 1156 and 3156/3157 – 1 Bulb Per Pack

Part Number:


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