17 Jan 2010

Stainless Steel LED Activator Switches

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PlasmaGlow Stainless Steel LED Activator Switches have an LED Lighted Ring around the button. The ring lights up to notify you when the switch is active. Works on 12 Volts DC 10 Amps, 24 Volt DC 5 Amps, or 110 Volts AC at 1 Amp. Use a relay for higher amperage. The switch is 100% waterproof, so it is approved for use on boats and wet locations. Activator Switches have an IP67 Rating. This heavy duty swtich has a Mechinical Life Span of 1,000,000 uses, and an Electrical Life Span, 50,000 uses.

There are 2 versions of this switch available. Our Standard Switch turns on when you push it, and you push it again to turn it off. Our Momentary Switch only stays on while you are pushing the button (good for ignition or nitrous systems).

Comes in Blue, Red, Green, White, Orange, and Yellow LED.
-1 Year Warranty


Part Numbers 11010-11015 – Standard Switch -Silver
Part Numbers 11020-11025 – Momentary Switch – Silver
Part Numbers 11120-11125 – Standard Switch – Black
Part Numbers 11130-11135 – Momentary Switch – Black


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